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Zainab Aliasgar

Zainab Aliasgar
NameZainab Aliasgar
DetailsHey, My name is Zainab and I am here to help you change your life. If you dont have your health, WHAT DO YOU HAVE ANYWAY? You deserve the best, that means the best version of you. I'm a nutrition coach who focuses on mindset and self love. I believe your habits start with your thought patterns and you need to address those, let me help you to make those changes in life. My Journey started 2 years ago when i myself had reached 105 kgs. Tried many diets (suggested by wellknown diatitions) as well as running on the treadmill for hours everyday, does this sound familiar? Apart from the fat gain, i was suffering from fatigue, no sound sleep, high cholestrol, body pain and breathlessness. What i lost was my confidence.....IF THIS IS YOU THEN DONT THINK MUCH AND LET ME HELP YOU. In all these years i learnt that fad diets and shortcuts in life dont work. This made me educate myself and take my health in my hands, till then i had understood if i need change then i have to change things which are not working for me currently. A certified Precision Nutritioin Coach PN1.

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