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Fitnation is a platform which helps you to establish and achieve your health/fitness goals .
To contact Fitnation drop an email at /call the customer care number
The consultant you sign up with, will help you with your diet and workout plans. The consultant will be in contact via mails, calls throughout the duration of the program you choose.
These programs are perfectly designed and are safe.
All The information and pictures are shared only with your consultant. The consultant will not misuse the pictures and any kind of information provided.
You can view the consultant profile to know more about the packages, prices and details.
Weight loss and muscle gain mainly depend on your body structure and lifestyle, food habit, exercise you do etc.
Once you follow your program and stick with it positive results will be seen.
Once registered, go to your account and click on "enroll for the services “option. This will take you to the consultant page where you can select a consultant. There you can see the details and choose appropriate package. After the payment is done, the selected consultant will be visible in your profile
They will be your contact through emails, phone calls and Fitnation Bot
Consultation hours are between 10 am to 7 pm, Saturday timings are 11 am to 5 pm, Sunday is a holiday.
Once the program is formed consultant will guide you regularly with your diet and workout schedules. Charts are designed specifically for your dietary preference ,goal etc.
Fitnation provides you with a 15 day consultant change / refund policy. You need to raise a ticket from your profile and the customer care will get in touch with you.
Raise a helpdesk ticket to Fitnation support from your profile.
It can be done only once in the first 30 days of the program.
No, our 30 day refund policy is for the programs that have a duration of more than 30 days.
This varies or depends on the package you choose , if you continue old package no extra cost will be levied whereas on new package price may differ.
You could intimate the same to Fitnation support through a helpdesk ticket. Upon confirmation from the Fitnation support team, the program can be paused for up to 45 days. This means, you will have to reinstate your session within 45 days. This option can be exercised not more than once during the program.
Refund is provided on all consultant’s packages, except a few . You may read about the eligibility of refund in the package section. For eligible packages, you may raise a helpdesk ticket to Fitnation support. Please read the terms and conditions and package details in individual consultant profiles for more details.
Yes installation option is provided .
No supplements are not mandatory. Diet plan designed will contain the accurate amount of required nutrition.
No we are totally against the use of steroids / drugs .
All the consultants are well trained and professionally certified .
On the basis of your goals a specific diet and workout plan will be designed.
Doctors are always available. for more details mail us at .
Within a period of 2 week refund will be given .
No floor training service is not provided.
Since it is an online training program,it doesn’t.
It is located in Pune.
The slots are open every first and third week of a month.
Since it is an online training program one to one session is not possible.
Depending upon the skill and expertise of consultant price differ.
Sign up using the option on the top right of the website. By signing up, you shall receive a confirmation link over your registered email id.Click on the link to activate your profile. Once activated, click on “Sign in” and log in.
Once you enroll with a consultant these will be open ,as it is about your training schedules .
This tab will take you to Fitnation academy page. Where you can get info about Fitnation academy.
The profile gets active within 48 hrs of Signup, thus the message is shown . In those 48 hours, you can initiate contact with your consultant and start sharing details.
A link has been provided as "forgot password”, click there and you can reset your password.
You can wait as the consultant may not have the slot free or you can engage another consultant.
You can drop email at, this will be seen within 48 hrs.
Out of the list provided you can select the package which suits you.
In a short span of time of 4 week consultant will have to assign you more of his time thus it is expensive.
No, two friends cannot enroll for couple package. It is exclusively for couples .
The Package can be extended within 7 days of enrollment of the 12 week program.
There is renewed option in the profile for such .
Yes, you can renew with the different package/consultant.
No, discount is not part of our policy.
If you have enrolled within working hours you will be consulted the same day , if not the next working day.
Log in to your account and open Nutrition chart tab for diet chart and Training chart tab for workout routine.
Within 48 hours of enrollment the program becomes active.
Consultant regularly asks for the progress update. Progress pictures can be updated on the progress tab in your profile.
On the consultant profile there is a feedback option. You can leave a feedback there.