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For any information Reach out to after booking your slots.
FTC Rules

1- You will be adding in what’s app Group soon.
2- Purpose of what’s app group will be for guidelines, No discussion, No gossips etc only queries will be asked related to nutrition and fitness.
3- Codes will be providing in the face book group only for every week.
4- Reporting will be done via mail only at with all the measurements and picture with code
5- Participants are requested to get their latest BCA report to track the results.
6- #FTC1, FCT2, FTC3 with for every week reporting respectively, you will be notifying in the face book group for it.
7- We will eliminate the participant if reporting not done on time.
8- Reporting will be done on weekly basis only before 12 am.
9- Front and side pictures are mandatory to post with code written on the paper. No hidden face allowed.
10- For women - Reporting attire should be in gym attire or sports t-shirt and track pants or shorts
11- For men – Reporting will be shirtless with shorts or track pant.
12- Once you book your slot for FTC 1.0, Form will be sent on registered mail ID
13- Participants will receive diet charts and workout charts via mail only.
14- Queries regarding substitute of food will be posted in what’s app group only.
15- Only 100 slots are available for FTC 1.0 participants.
16- Invite your family members, friends and colleagues who are having diabetes or any medical issues.
17- References will be count as a rewards points for future benefits on the platform
18- We will pick five people who will refer more number of people, will be select for ANF and can work with us as a consultant.
19- Minimum five references will be count as a rewards point to be selected in ANF.

Terms and Condition

1 – Participants are not allowed to send any personal messages for enquiry of chart and fitness related queries.
2 - Once participants book their slots, Please wait for the mail from Fitnation for basic health details
3 – Participants are compulsory to get the Body analysis report to track their health goals.
4 – We will work on weighing scales difference this time, we will track your muscle mass, body fat % and over all body improvement.
5 – Selection of participants will be based on every week reporting time.
6 – You will added in the what’s app group once you got selected for FTC After making the payment.
7 – If you still longer a part of FTC and follow all the guide lines of FTC. You shall be remaining in what’s app group.
8 – We are not going to entertain those who do not report on time and send PM for any concern for not to report on time.
9 – Any queries related to FTC will be post in Facebook group only. Only nutrition and Fitness query related will be asked in What’s app group.
10 – Winner selection criteria will be based on over all transformation.
11 – Prize money of 50,000 INR will be distributed in any form; it can be cash, prizes or trip vouchers.
12 – The prize money shall be less, If we didn’t receive minimum 250 participants.
13 – The prize money shall be decided on 30% on every 100 participants.